Logos, layouts, concept designs. Design has always been apart of my life. It essential part of our daily operations as a society. Although we might not think of it this way the world would be a much different place without design.


Capturing life's moments is a privilege that I don't take for granted. Being able to look back on these moments reminds us where we have come from, and as such can tell us where we are going. Through photography, I know the beauty in life is not in the destination but in the journey.


My name is Chase Turner. I’m a graphic designer and videographer/photographer from Washington D.C. I’ve been designing and editing professionally for the last four years and am continually to growing in my craft.

As a recent graduate of VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) I have a wide array of experience designing logos, posters, websites, planning photo shoots, editing videos, and generally making people look good. My large list of skill sets give me the ability to get work done quickly and efficiently while still being tailored to my clients needs.

I’m passionate about the work I do and I’m eager to get things done. Contact me and lets make something happen.

 My tool belt includes: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects, and most recently Cinema 4D


When your hiring an artist of any kind; whether they’re a graphic designer; a filmmaker; a photographer; or an illustrator, your not just paying them for the use of their equipment. Your paying them for their TIME and CREATIVITY

I take the process  seriously to  make sure I have all my bases covered.  My aim is to produce not just quality but effectiveness in my work.



Like my work?  Go ahead let me know what you think!