Capturing life's moments is a privilege that I don't take for granted. Being able to look back on these moments reminds us where we have come from, and as such can tell us where we are going. Through photography, I know the beauty in life is not in the destination but in the journey.


As photography give you opportunity to document the stories or the world, Video allows you to create your own. Through film and video, you engage an audience with sight and sound.


-A B O U T   M E -

My name is Chase Turner and I specialize in portrait, editorial, and commercial photography. On every shoot, I challenge myself to provide the most stunning raw pictures you’ve ever seen. Then, I edit them. I like listening to live jazz bands, I get WAY TOO excited over well-designed menus, and I have an un-dying love for breakfast food. I’m a shy dude, but I love people and deep conversation. I’m enthusiastic about life and making great art.

For my clients, I take as much time as needed to give you the best. I don’t do anything halfway—I’ll go the extra mile or two if that’s what you need.

T H E   B L O G

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